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SuanShu is an object-oriented, high performance, extensively tested, and professionally documented math library. It is a large collection of numerical algorithms so coded such that they are solidly object-oriented, unified and testable. A user, who has little programming experience or mathematical sophistication, can easily create solutions for his or her many complex engineering problems by putting together classes.

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SuanShu is probably the fastest linear algebra library in Java!

SuanShu has a suite of high performance optimization algorithms.

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We offer a limited trial for SuanShu, the Java numerical library. To download, register with this blog.

  SuanShu 4.1.0 (13.1 MiB, 1,685 hits)
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If you find SuanShu not perfectly fit for your purpose, e.g., functions missing, too slow or not enough memory, we can improve or optimize it for you as part of a consulting project.

Using SuanShu with Maven

SuanShu distributions are deployed at Numerical Method’s repository. To let maven be aware of this repository, add the following repository definition to the pom.xml in <repositories> section:

To use SuanShu, in <dependencies> section, add:


License Agreement

Academic License

  • If you meet our criteria for “Qualified Academic Users”, you may purchase an academic license. An “Academic License” allows you to use the 3 packages: BASIC, OPTIM and STATS.
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Contributor License

  • If you contribute code to SuanShu and if your code is accepted by us, you may get a permanent license to use SuanShu.
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SuanShu dot net

This is a FREE, experimental version of the SuanShu library for the dot net environment. To download, register with this blog. (13.1 MiB, 838 hits)
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