For those who are given access to the AlgoQuant svn repository, you need a software to check out code from the source control. If you are a Windows user, we recommend you to use ​TortoiseSVN; if you are a Mac user, you may try ​Versions. The following instructions assume that you are a Windows user.

  1. Browse to a folder where you would like to save AlgoQuant.
  2. Right click any empty space in Windows explorer to bring up the context sensitive menu.
  3. Hit “TortoiseSVN -> Repo-browser”.
  4. repo_browser

  5. Type in the svn path given to you, e.g., the link in the picture shown below.
  6. svn_path

  7. Right click on “trunk”, and hit “Checkout”.
  8. checkout

  9. Fill out the Checkout dialogue, and hit “OK”.
  10. This will start downloading the AlgoQuant project to your chosen location.

You will need to use a Java IDE such as NetBeans or Eclipse to open the project. See the setup guide for an example.