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<p><a href="" target="_blank">SuanShu</a> is a large collection of numerical algorithms covering many topics in mathematics. The following is a summary of our packages. For a complete listing, please refer to the <a title="SuanShu Javadoc" href="">Javadoc</a>.</p>
<li><a title="SuanShu Basic" href="">BASIC</a>: basic numerical analysis algorithms</li>
<li><a title="SuanShu Statistics" href="">STATS</a>: advanced statistics algorithms</li>
<li><a title="SuanShu Optimization" href="">OPTIM</a>: advanced optimization algorithms</li>
<li><a title="Extreme Value Theory" href="">EVT</a>: extreme value theory</li>
<li><a title="SuanShu Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations" href="">O/PDE</a>: ordinary and partial differential equations</li>
<li><a title="SuanShu Digital Signal Processing" href="">DSP</a>: digital signal processing</li>
<li><a title="SuanShu Javadoc" href="">many more……</a></li>
<p>All our code is well tested. We have thousands of test cases that run daily. <strong>Disclaimer: For each subject/topic heading above, there may or may not features you expected. You will have to download the trial version to experiment with the library to decide whether it is suitable for your purpose, or whether the features you are looking for are included in the library or a particular version of the library. For example, we have listed "OLS regression" in the feature list, but not all possible mathematics, subjects, or topics related to OLS regression are found in the <a href="" target="_blank">SuanShu</a> library.</strong>  </p>

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